Banking Disputes

Lots of people very often are faced with the problems of settlement of relations with credit institutions. For effective resolution of financial disputes with banks, requires special knowledge, without which it is possible only to aggravate the process. In modern life, we face credit institutions on a daily basis. Given the imperfection of the current legislation, in order to protect your rights and avoid additional costs associated with the loan, you should use the services of a professional lawyer in disputes with banks. After all, only a qualified specialist with years of experience in this field will be able to help win a complex process.

Our team consists of the best lawyers in banking disputes. It often happens that the borrower verbally agrees with the lender on the terms and signs the contract without reading it beforehand. After the entry into force of the transaction, disagreements arise as a result of which the client and the guarantor need assistance in disputes with banks. The lender requires the borrower to fulfill its obligations under the agreement in full. In case of failure or untimely execution, imposes liability on the guarantor. In such cases, by contacting "Mirzaeva and Partners", you will be able to get a full consultation from the leading lawyers in disputes with banks. We will analyze the contract and do everything possible to resolve the conflict in your favor.

The most common legal disputes are based on the payment of illegal commissions. The creditor has no right to charge a fee for services that are its direct obligation (for example, the issuance of a loan, its maintenance or early repayment, etc.). Our banking lawyer will help you to get your money back. You can also additionally demand payment of interest for the use of your money and compensation of moral damage. A lawyer for banking disputes will provide you with full advice on your issue and, if necessary, will accompany the case from start to finish.

Our expertise includes:

• Loan finance of all kinds: drafting and negotiation of finance documents, including all types of collaterals, conducting due diligence, assistance in fulfillment of conditions precedents;
• Acquisition finance, real estate finance, project finance, asset finance;
• Securitizations;
• Corporate recovery and insolvency;
• Developing possible procedures of restructuring obligations and existing measures for securing performance of obligations in compliance with bankruptcy laws;

Mirzaeva & Partners thoroughly understands the fundamental concepts and interrelationship of these complex laws and regulations as well as nuances necessary to navigate through them both safely and favorably. With the wealth of experience and a strong technical understanding of the issues that financial institutions face, our attorneys formulate practical solutions to address our clients needs.