Inheritance disputes

Questions concerning inheritance arise sooner or later with almost everyone. Having worked all conscious life and having acquired movable and immovable property? M & P will think how to distribute it to forecast no disputes between relatives and friends.
From a legal point of view, the ability to inherit represents the ability of the subject of law to be the bearer of inheritance rights. Therefore, the ability to possess them is a part of the civil legal capacity of the subject.
According to the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, inheritance is carried out by will and by law.
After the death of the testator, the inheritance is opened at the last permanent place of residence of the testator. The first thing that interests the heirs, whose rights have been violated – a situation in which the will is considered invalid.
Thus, the lawyers of the law firm M&P can provide legal assistance in invalidating the will:
• Committed in improper form;
• Committed in violation of the procedure of drawing up;
• Committed in violation of the order of signing and certification.

It is possible to challenge the will only through the court, and only those persons who are interested can do it, first of all, they are heirs by law. Such cases is classified as the most complicated, and the outcome of the process will directly depend on the skills of lawyers.

One important aspect is the time frame for the challenge.

For each case it is different and will depend on when the heir whose right is violated learned about the grounds of the dispute as well as the type of invalid will. From this moment on, you can apply to the court within one year, if the will is disputed. If it is insignificant, the term is longer and is three years.