Business Support

We guide our clients through complex regulations and procedures established by Uzbek legislation and state authorities, and engage in an array of projects related to licensing, product compliance confirmation, product liability and consumer rights protection, advertising, environmental and industry safety requirements, etc.
We offer comprehensive legal support and innovative legal solutions in the field of regulatory support based on multidisciplinary approach to the clients' issues.
Our services:
• Importation of different types of products to Uzbekistan, including confirmation of compliance, customs and taxation issues;
• Licenses and permits related to different industries and products, including pharmaceutical, agriculture, automotive and machinery construction industries, light industry, food and beverages, chemical and enzymes, IT and telecommunication and etc.
• Environmental regulations and industry safety requirements
• Consumer protection legislation and product liability

• Customs formalities and issues
• Assistance in resolving disputes with customs authorities, in particular with respect to clarification of and compliance with applicable tariffs and duties, on state regulation of foreign economic activity, legislation on foreign exchange control and currency regulations

• Challenging decisions and actions (or inaction) of customs authorities: pre-trial settlements, legal representation

• Labeling and packaging requirements
• Legitimate optimization of customs duties

• Assistance in resolution of administrative cases with controlling authorities, including support during inspections and court proceedings

• Other types of legal assistance aimed at the speedy, painless and positive resolution of disputes with customs authorities