Labour and Employment

Mirzaeva & Partners provide proficient legal advice on any aspect of Labour and Employment Law that our client may potentially come across. We have clients from banking and financing sector, energy and infrastructure, consumer goods and retail, automobile, oil and gas industry, investment management, government and public, healthcare, insurance, technology, media and telecoms, transport and logistics. We are well aware of the challenges that our clients from different industries face and always tailor our advice to the specifics of each industry.

Our labour and employment services include:

• General Labour and Employment Law Advice. Advice on all aspects of Uzbek Labour and Employment Law, including advice on employment of foreign citizens in Uzbekistan and obtaining work permits for foreign specialists employed by Uzbek companies
• HR Audits. Involves an objective look at the client's HR policies, practices and procedures to reveal any incompliances and mitigate them to avoid claims of supervising authorities and employees
• Litigation in all employment law issues, including wrongful termination, wrongful disciplinary actions, employment contract and employee benefits claims, salary and benefits disputes and enforcement of confidentiality obligations.
• Labour Disputes and Out-of-Court Settlement. We represent clients on all stages of litigation process as well we assist on settling the employer-employee conflicts in out-of-court manner
• Audits of supervising authorities. We help our clients to get prepared and successfully undergo audits of supervising authorities
• Employee Compensations and Benefits. Advice on implementing all types of employee compensations and benefits programs including Incentive Plans and Pension Plans
• Trade Unions. We represent clients in relations with Trade Unions
• Taxes. Advice on all types of taxes imposed on employers and employees including expat employees.