Housing disputes

Law firm “Mirzaeva and Partners” has a significant positive experience in solving housing disputes.
Housing disputes belong to the category of the most complex court cases. In addition, this is a very specific type of a dispute affects civil and legal housing rights. When resolving housing disputes, both organizations and individuals are almost impossible to do without qualified legal assistance.
“Housing issue” was relevant at all times.
Perhaps it is particularly acute now, when there is much more freedom of choice in - how to buy a house, how to dispose of it, how to protect rights. However, there are new problems due to the inconsistency of modern legislation and some other factors.
Our team taking into account all your interests, will conduct a pre-trial settlement of the conflict, and if you do not reach agreement, the participation of our lawyers in the trial guarantees the representation of your interests with the maximum benefit for you.
Do not waste your time trying to solve complex legal problems on your own - it is just a of waste time, and sometimes housing in General or in part.
Housing disputes are among the most difficult categories of cases for several reasons, some of them have already been mentioned, but let's sum up.
Housing cases usually require:
• Knowledge of not only housing, but other related branches of law: family, inheritance, labor, etc.;
• Experience in resolving housing disputes;
• Sufficient time to collect documents, conduct additional investigations, communicate with government officials;
• A large reserve of moral strength, especially in disputes with family members, relatives, former spouses, friends and neighbours;
• A huge amount of energy on the resistance of the administrative resource against housing authorities, administrations of enterprises, etc.
Delays and incorrect actions at any stage of the housing dispute are usually very expensive. Turning to our company for legal protection, you insure yourself against numerous mistakes and get a reliable consultant on housing disputes.