Intellectual Property

Mirzaeva & Partners provides comprehensive legal advice related to registration, transfer, and use of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, inventions, copyrights, domain names etc. in a range of industries. We conduct due diligence in respect to intellectual property, prepare drafts of contractual documentation, participate in negotiation of transactions and defend our clients' intellectual property rights before patent, customs and law enforcement authorities, in courts and international commercial arbitration.

We advise companies investing or operating in Uzbekistan to ensure protection of:
• Company and brand name;
• Trademark, service marks and appellation of origin of goods;
• Invention, industrial designs and useful models;
• Copyrights and neighboring rights
• Trade secrets and know how
• Patents
• A unique domain name
• Website content and design

Our services on protection of intellectual property rights:

• Structuring, appraisal and due diligence of intellectual property objects;
• Drafting of copyright/other IP rights' license agreements, agreements for the assignment and pledge of intellectual property rights
• Advising of distributors, dealers and software designers on intellectual property matters including those connected with copyright and know-how protection;
• Drafting of agreements for development of information technologies and software licensing;
• Advising on acquisition of rights and use of works made for hire
• Designing of franchising schemes and drafting of the respective agreements;
• Advising on usage and protection of trademarks, business names, objects of copyright and neighboring rights, including matters arising out of sales of counterfeit goods and acts of unfair competition;
• Registration of trademarks in Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
• Drafting of trademark license agreements, trademark assignment and pledge agreements;
• Inclusion of trademarks into the unified customs register of intellectual property objects with a view to ensuring control over import of goods marked by such trademarks;
• Challenging decisions, acts/omission of in Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan with respect to issues related to the trademarks;
• Dispute resolution in the sphere of intellectual property rights, namely relating to:
• Copyright, including rights to software;
• Trademarks, including challenging of registration of third persons' trademarks, disputes arising out of license agreements;
• Misleading advertising;
• Unfair competition.
• Representation of interests in negotiation and preparation of documents for peaceful settlement of dispute;
• Protection of intellectual property rights in the courts.