Restructuring and Insolvency / Bankruptcy

Mirzaeva & Partners is specializing in the restructuring and insolvency projects both for legal entities and individuals. Due to its perfect reputation and profound experience M&P is recognized as the leading legal advisor in this area in Uzbekistan. Our firm associates have extensive experience of both working on complex restructuring and bankruptcy projects and separate cases involving prevention of assets siphoning, challenging debtor's transactions and bringing the debtor's controlling persons to secondary (subsidiary) liability. Apart from this, we are regularly advising clients on analysis of bankruptcy related risks for the transactions involving purchase of the assets from insolvent company.
Our services include:
Services for the creditor:
• Full scope analysis of the debtor's current state and perspective of the claims settlement in course of bankruptcy proceedings;
• Prevention of assets illegal disposal, challenging debtor's transactions and returning assets to the bankruptcy estate;
• Bringing to secondary ("subsidiary") liability / recovery of losses from the debtor's shareholders, management and bankruptcy managers;
• Representing creditors in negotiations on indebtedness restructuring and construction of settlement agreement in course of bankruptcy proceedings;
• Supervision and assistance in criminal law aspects of bankruptcy.
Services for the debtors and bankruptcy managers:
• Elaboration of the strategy and full assistance in the procedures of debtor's voluntary liquidation and bankruptcy / elaboration of the bankruptcy prevention and financial rehabilitation strategies;
• Preventing inclusion of bad faith creditor's claims into the registry of debtor creditors claims;
• Arrangement and assistance in the official procedures of debtor's assets sale;
• Arrangement and holding of creditors' meetings;
• Representing the debtors in negotiations on indebtedness restructuring and reaching a settlement in course of bankruptcy proceedings.
Services for the third parties involved in bankruptcy proceedings:
• Full protection of debtor's counterparties' interests in course of side disputes on their transactions with the debtor;
• Protection of the former management / bankruptcy manager's interests in the cases on their secondary ("subsidiary") liability and recovery of losses.
Apart from conventional advising on the Uzbek bankruptcy legislation we also have significant expertise in indebtedness restructuring as well as restructuring and improvement of the respective securitization from prospective of bankruptcy related risks.